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Dedication to Perfection


Esposito Porsche Repair started with John working on his own, tucked away in a corner of a friends shop, slowly crafting, repairing and restoring beautiful cars - one at a time. As word got out that John had left the world of working for others to focus solely on his long beloved Porsche, the waiting list of patrons eager to have his hands on their cars grew. Motivated by his dedication to perfection and the desire to give people cars they could drive and be proud of, John expanded to his own single stall shop and added on his first employee. Over the next 8 years, John would grow his space three times, with a crew of 10 members. In 2016 his daughter Laurina joined the family business; after 30+ years of learning about and developing a passion for Porsche through John. 

He ultimately landed at his current 32,000 sq ft facility that boasts a Frame room (complete with Porsche Certified Celette Bench), dedicated spaces for the Body work, a stand alone Paint shop that swank it’s brand new state-of-the-art paint booth and Mixing room. In the mechanical department, a gorgeous clean space for assembling cars was created along with a beautiful new Office space with accompanying customer lobby, showcasing Porsche history on the walls through original artifacts, news clippings, photos and more.